Acts Of Gratitude is a Rwanda-based non-profit organization founded by 13 grateful people in 2011. These people have been supported by family, friends, charity organizations, governmental institutions, etc. and feel owing to the community a debt of giving back. 

At its start, AOG started giving back to the community through four projects: Educate for Rwanda, Kigali Social Enterprise Academy, Grateful People’s Investment (GPI), and Umunsingi Community Service. Through Educate Rwanda, AOG funded the education of 15 brightest secondary school students whose families lack means to afford school fees. The Kigali Social Entrepreneurship Academy was designed to support aspiring young social entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into successful businesses, create economic opportunities for themselves, and their communities. Through GPI, 34 short-term micro-loans were disbursed to disadvantaged Rwandan entrepreneurs. While, on a monthly basis, through Umusingi Community Services, AOG provided the opportunity to its volunteers to donate food to patients in hospitals and clothes in poor communities and refugee camps. As a result, 20, 000 meals were taken to patients in public hospitals and 33, 600 clothes collected and distributed to the needy.

In 2018 AOG decided for focus its work even more. Today, it is giving back to the community through two programs: Social Enterprise Development and Encouraging Social Responsibility.


Our Vision

To build a more equal and responsible (socially and environmentally) society.
Towards delivering our vision, we are planning to achieve the following:

  • Empower social entrepreneurs through our learning and development programmes.
  • Help entrepreneurs create new social enterprises and jobs for youth.
  • Build a community of socially responsible leaders, learners, and volunteers to support social entrepreneurs.
  • Build an organization identified by its focus on social enterprise development in Rwanda.


Our Mission

To promote social enterprise development and encourage social responsibility, in order to achieve sustainable positive change in Rwanda.


Our Partners

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